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Energia Solar Solution is a full-service installer and integrator of photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our experience and expertise is in harvesting solar power for home, industrial organisations, educational institutions, municipalities, major utilities, and other large and small applications. We work only with the best products on the market, like Sol Planet, Victron and SMA inverters. See here some projects

Turnkey solar services include:

  • Evaluation and design
  • Permitting
  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • System Commissioning
  • Registration DGEG / SERUP
  • Energy Storage Solutions/Battery Backup
  • Monitoring and Maintenance

Join us, and get your solar energy!  Complete our contact form and we will contact you promptly to arrange a site assessment.


To help you with your plan to install solar power, we will setup a meeting and exam your electrical consumption at your home/business.


No project is too small or too big. We start with 1.5Kw up til 4 Mw power plants


The installation will be under supervision of a engineer and safety comes first.

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Why Solar energy?

The Sun shines for free, and here in Portugal it shines a lot . Why not using something that is for free, and even can reduce your electricity bill?.

Sun hours in the Portugal

Solar for Residence homes


You can save 100% money on e.g. your swimming pool pump. A pool pump runs in the summer months average 10 hour a day. This is +/- 3 € a day. That is 90 € a month. Which bank gives you 90€ interest over a month on 2500€ in the bank. 

Solar for Industry


If you own a hotel or a cafe or want to make a power plant with photovoltaic, we can help you to setup the first steps and make a proper plan with you.


Small businesses can take the opportunity of solar energy. Most of the business are open during the day, during the sun shines, so take this opportunity and give us a call and we can calculate how much you can save. Call +351-917766880


For every business that operates mostly during the day can safe money on his energy bill. For large offices we can also provide you an inventory list where you can save energy by e.g. led light, sensors that register movement etc.


Are you planning a solar park then contact our engineers to setup all necessary meetings with investors, city hall and the EDP infrastructure department so you can concentrate on the business part.

Evoluation Technology

Science matters

During the last couple of years the quality, power and the prices has improved enorme. The technology are improving every time faster and faster. And the price of every Wp power are getting cheaper and on the other side, the price of every Kwh is getting up. For example the prices of electricity in Portugal raise with 50% in the last 10 years.

Energy price EU 2019
+ 50 %
+ 70 %
- 45 %

What you need to get your solar system

Next step to your solar system

Now that you are  convinced in the advances of a solar system, let’s give us a call +351-91 77 66 880 or send an email to info@energia-solar-solutions.com 

We will make an appointment as soon as possible to setup the meeting and start from there. 

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