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We help you to save money and protect the environment by using science & SMA tecnology.

We can calculate the benefits and the return of investment for you, contact us.

Sun shine day in the Portugal 92%
Energy savings with auto consumption 100%
Our energy to help you get the best results 100%

We believe in the technology and will take advantage of the sunny days here in Portugal.

Long term investment

Solar energy is a long term investment, small systems can have a ROI of 4+years. To reach this goal, we believe to invest in the best, together with Energia Solar Solutions and SMA. The best on the market, it cost a bit more but at the end of 25 years you will see, you made the best choice.

Global Reach

Together we can make a difference on greenhouse gases with the investment in green energy.

Experienced consulting

With our engineers with years of experience we can build any solar system/park for you.

We love our job

Make it hybrid

Hybrid solar systems generate power in the same way as a common grid-tie solar system but use batteries to store energy for later use. This ability to store energy enables most hybrid systems to also operate as a backup power supply during a blackout, similar to a UPS system.

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