The EDP, we can write a book about it. Most Portugueses find that electricity prices are far too high. As the owner of Energia Solar Solutions, I got often the question “Is it possible to disconnect totally from the EDP. And the answer is NO. And the more I get the question the more I think it is stupid and not correct. We can go off-grid if the government let us!Shouldn’t we self decide if we want to go totally green? These days we do not need EDP anymore. Especially here in Portugal we have so much sun, and now the batteries are getting cheaper and cheaper it would we nice to cut off from the EDP and his Chinees members. Do we have to pay for there luxury hotels and trips around the world? Maybe we all should cancel our contracts with EDP and go for another provider. Just as a signal that we, Portugueses say, it is enough with these crazy prices!

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