A overview of our Projects Photovoltaic

For our client in concelho Olhão we installed a small photovoltaic system to cover the swimming pool costs. Now the swimming pool is running for free whole year around. We used modules with a micro inverter of APSystems and a trunk cable.

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Project in Carregal do Sal, July 2019

Energia Solar Solutions installation in Carregal do Sal

This project is recently done in North Portugal, in Carregal do Sal, near Coimbra. The installation is a 3.84 Kwp, 12 modules of AXIpower each 320Wp. We installed a SL7000 meter with a GSM 2G module for sending the production values to DGEG.

The installation was build on the carport with sandwich panels. To make sure the roof and the sandwich panels could hold the weight we installed first 18 meter of galvanised metal bars and on top of that we installed the 6 triangles of aluminium.

Energia Solar Solutions Carragal do Sal 2019
SMA sunny boy 3.6 AV-1
Energia Solar Solutions project in Carregal do Sal

Project Quarteira September 2019