Some of our Photovoltaic Projects

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming project with 21 modules of 320 wP and a 6kWp Sunny Tripower installation will be build on a carport.

The project is in building fase. The structure of the carport will be in wood and the solar modules will be integrated in roof tiles.

If you like to follow this project then keep an eye on our facebook page, or you want to have solar energy too, then contact us under number +351-91 77 66 880.

Looking forward to place your project here too.

A project with 8 modules for a family home in Alcabideche near Cascais.


A project with 8 modules and a Sunny Boy 2.5 and 8 modules of 320 wP

April - 2020 | ProjectParque National Arabido, Setubal

9 - 10 April 2020 In the beautiful area of Setubal, Parque National Arabida, Energia Solar Solutions is installing for a Dutch / Portuguese client a 3 phase 4 Kw installation. The 12 modules are going to be on the roof, and the inverter will be mounted in the wine production faciliteis. Energia Solar Solutions wants to thank this family for there choice and the safety distance they kept during our installation

Energia Solar Solutions at marque national Arabida
Energia Solar Solutions
Energia Solar Solutions

March-2020 | Project Fontes Santos, Algarve

Energia Solar Solutions 4 kWp installation

Today, 26 March 2020, we finished a project in Fontes Santas, Algarve. 

In the original set up the client wanted the 12 panels on the roof, but changed it later to a better idea. On the ground behind the swimming pool. The only wish was not to see the panels from the house, so the client created an idea to build a wall along the swimming pool. With the panels behind it and new led lights on the side of the swimming pool job in done. Now time for sunshine. 

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SMA Sunny TriPower 4.0 installation in Algarve
SMA Sunny TriPower 4.0 installation in Algarve
SMA Sunny TriPower 4.0 installation in Algarve

Project in Peral, Algarve

Energia Solar Solutions installed for this client a 1.92 kWp (6 panels of AXITEC 320Wp) and a sunny boy 2.5. The Sunny Boy 2.5 was the wish of the client, maybe he wants the expand his capacity in the future.

Because the inverter was installed on the roof and to protect it from over heating Energia Solar Solutions came with the idea to cover it under a wooden construction.

AXITEC 320Wp solar panels. Energia Solar Solutions installed them in the Algarve.
Sunny boy 2.5 with PV cables protected in a UV mantel tube.
Peral Energia Solar Solutions installation
Sunny boy 2.5 protected for the summer sun

Project in Lourinhã

For a Dutch client in Lourinhã, we installed in the Garden, a 1.5 kWp installation with a SMA 1.5 inverter.

The wish of the client is to reduce a bit on his electricity bills and do something for a better climate.

SMA with Energia Solar Solutions
Triangles aluminium for solar energia, made by Energia Solar Solutions
Energia Solar Solutions mounted switchboard with production meter
Energia Solar Solutions end results

Project in Olhão, Algarve

For our client in concelho Olhão we installed a small photovoltaic system to cover the swimming pool costs. Now the swimming pool is running for free whole year around. We used modules with a micro inverter of APSystems and a trunk cable.

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Project in Parada, Coimbra

This project is recently done in North Portugal, in Carregal do Sal, near Coimbra. The installation is a 3.84 Kwp, 12 modules of AXIpower each 320Wp. We installed a SL7000 meter with a GSM 2G module for sending the production values to DGEG.

The installation was build on the carport with sandwich panels. To make sure the roof and the sandwich panels could hold the weight we installed first 18 meter of galvanised metal bars and on top of that we installed the 6 triangles of aluminium.

Energia Solar Solutions Carragal do Sal 2019
SMA sunny boy 3.6 AV-1
Energia Solar Solutions project in Carregal do Sal

Project Quarteira September 2019

Energia Solar Solutions works only with the best equipment. You make an investment for 20 à 25 years and then you need equipment and a company you can trust. 

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The project contains 16 modules, each 320Wp and a Sunny TriPower inverter. The mounting was on a flat roof where we installed the modules on a 30 degrees aluminium triangles. Facing south and no shade influents makes this installation a perfect installation.

Energia Solar Solutions _Quarrteira installation
Energia Solar Solutions _roof view

Project Tavira 1.5 Wp

Backside of the solar photo voltaic modules
front side of the photo voltaic panels
SMA inverter used by Energia Solar Solutions

The client wanted his installation on a slope. There for we used the concrete beams and installed the aluminium triangles on top of it. The installation has a 1.92 Wp and a sunny Boy inverter. The installation was done in December 2019.

Project Messines - Algarve

12 ballast weight for photo voltaic

Near São Bartolomeu de Messines Energia Solar Solutions installed 12 panels a 320Wp. We used a Sunny boy 3.6Kw inverter. All work was done in December 2019.

Our last project was finish on 31 December 2019.It was installed in Praia Verde in Castro Marim

We can look back at a good solar year. And with the new projects already lining up they future looks sunny and with lot of energy. 

We wishes all our clients and future clients a healthy, sunny and productive 2020.


Castro Marim Praia Verde
Castro Marim Praia Verde installation 3.8 kW with a sunny trippier 4.0
Castro Marim Praia Verde installation 3.8 kW with a sunny trippier 4.0