Why Investing in Solar Energy?

Solar panels, roof constructionFirst of all, the sun is shining for free, and here in Portugal, it shines a lot. So why not use something that is for free. And now that the solar installations are getting cheaper it is the right time to join the world of Solar power.

When you have a swimming pool, your pool pump runs about 10 hours a day, and an average pool pump uses about 1200 Kwh. With a solar kit of 6 panels, your swimming pool can run for free.


Energia Solar Solutions KIT 1500W

Energia Solar Solutions KIT 1500W

One of the main reason our clients wants photovoltaic installation is to save money on their electricity bill.

Because what does your money do in your bank, 0,35% a year? So a small calculation:

4000€ * 0.35% * 1 (year) = 140 Euros.

Instead, if you buy the smallest photovoltaic kit (1500W) then you get a whole different story:


365 days * 9h * 0.31€ = 1018 Euros. Based on experiences from our clients.

So why not starting with investing in Solar Photovoltaic today?

If Energia Solar Solutions can help you further, to make that decision, then give us a call at +351-917766880. Start tomorrow with earning money and do something right for your grand-children or the planet. Because we know, we get you excited every day to see how much electricity you have produced your self every day.

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